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We are soft.fact – Imagine a company in which everyone loves to work with everyone. Possible, with the first business intelligence solution to visualise, understand and use team dynamics on a daily basis – we enable you to understand what your employees need and to develop your teams to keep your organisation healthy. With our soft facts analysis and development – the secret sauce to make everything work within your organisation.

That’s why we all show up for soft.fact to create this impact through meaningful work. We live the dream of a self-determined life: a {working} world made for people, every day.

Vision: Enable people to work better together - every day - in a {working} world made for people.

Mission: Our software makes human characteristics visible, understandable, and usable for every team.


We turn low-performing teams into satisfied, mentally healthy, and high-performing teams. With the first business intelligence solution to visualize, understand and use psychological team dynamics on a daily basis. We start with employees and develop team-wise – all backed by science. Start working different with 90 psychological facets like resilience or emotional intelligence, you have all your core competences in one place to create a working world, made for people in your organization.

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  • Urs Merkel
  • Founder & Chief Vision Office
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